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Saturday, December 4, 2010, @ 4:46 PM

Current Mood:

Annyeonghaseyo !

Okay so I'm gonna make this a quickie because I wanna continue writing another chappie for my fic. So, ain't the guy above the cutest thang' you ever wanted?! Don't tell me I'm the only girl on this planet saying that he's dangerously cute. Aigoo! His innocent-cute smile & big jet-black eyes are a die for! This is the true definition of CUTE. Kya! I've already fallen for his cute charms! & no he's not Korean. He's Japanese *wink*


Oh have you guys heard? My current bias are Jaejoong & Yunho now! Yeah well, curse me for changing bias so fast. Have I forgotten about my other bias? No. It's just that I love Jaejoong & Yunho more. But not to worry, I still, am and will love my other bias equally. Not more or less. But... Jaejoong & Yunho is an exception. It's not my fault that I got attracted to them more (^.^)v

KYAA! Such cute innocent boys :D


` xoxo ~

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@ 4:46 PM